Mouad (Mo) is a 33 year old professional jet ski rider who was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco. Mo is the 1st Moroccan, Arab, North African in the sport. From 2002–2008, Mo dominated the waters representing his home country before leaving and making his way to bigger and better opportunities, or so he thought.

His road was not easy, and he had to give up his profession for over a decade before resurrecting his racing career in 2019, in the United States.


to bring goodness to the world?

I occasionally teach children back in Morocco about the sport. My goal is to start a non-profit in the near future to teach kids from all backgrounds how to ride jet skis and race high performance jet skis. I want to bring more people into this fun and exciting sport. I also am working towards building a racing team, 915 Motorsports, that will feature minority and inspirational rider/drivers across multiple motorsports.

5 keys

to achieving the American dream

Consistency –keep moving forward with what you want in life. Don’t change who you are to appease others, you have to keep true to who you are.

Be As Clean As You Can and Look Good — stay away from drugs, alcohol, negative influences, and potentially bad situations. My dad kept me out of trouble in the most dangerous city in Morocco by putting in sport, so I would avoid all negative possibilities.

Kill Your Enemy/Haters with Your Success — you don’t give your attention, energy, or time to those who don’t want you to succeed. Let them read about your successes, that’s how your reply to them.

Trust Yourself and Your Shadow — the world is full of opaque people, those who are hiding things. You have to always keep your guard up. Why? Because, you don’t want to wait till something happens and have regrets. We know there are up and downs in life, but keep going up by controlling the downs. This has been my experience.

Love and Respect Your Parents, No Matter What — I’m going to keep this short and sweet. There is a saying in Morocco, ‘terf del kebda,’ a piece of my liver. The parents give a part of their liver to their child, meaning the child cannot live without their parents. Being a father myself, it made me realize the importance of having your parents.